Our Professional Staff

Our experienced providers are committed to a high standard of patient care and are here for you throughout every stage of your hearing journey.

Who We Are

We understand choosing a hearing care provider is a big decision. At Imagine Hearing Solutions, our number one priority is delivering exceptional patient care. Our staff combines years of expertise in hearing healthcare, and is well-trained on a variety of services ranging from evaluations to treatment.

We believe great care includes establishing great relationships with our patients. Treating hearing loss is an ongoing process that requires regular follow-ups, maintenance and cleanings to keep you hearing your best. Our staff is here to support you not only during your initial visit but throughout your entire journey to better hearing.

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Our Provider

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Janene Bauhofer


[email protected]

(530) 205-0259

Janene Bauhofer has over 25 years experience helping people hear more and be more than they ever imagined. She graduated with her Master’s degree in Audiology in 1992 from CSU Sacramento. After completing her internship and working in a busy ENT office she began managing a private practice in Auburn, CA; and in 1997 bought the practice in order to bring her passion and vision of quality, caring audiology services to the greater Auburn area. In 2012, after 16 years of developing this practice into one of the most successful audiology practices in Northern California she sold her beloved Placer Speech & Hearing in order to spend more time with her family. She was determined, however, to continue to use her expertise and passion to help those with hearing loss. After doing some consulting work and opening an office in Rocklin with a partner she desired a more personal approach to helping people hear. So, in the spring of 2017 she came back to Auburn and opened a small audiology and hearing aid practice with personal, small town, friendly service at its core. She decided to name it “Imagine Hearing Solutions” because imagining a better life through better hearing (or anything for that matter) is the first step to making it a reality.

“Helping people reach their potential is what I care most about and it gives me great joy when I can be part of their journey” – Janene