“Who ever imagined, no pun intended, that the “Oh NO,” of hearing loss could have such a wonderful outcome. Janene is both so gentle and professional that my fear and embarrassment just evaporated.  I’d purchased the less expensive ($500.00) aids available from Medicare and found NO improvement in my hearing AT ALL.  I was pretty discouraged and ashamed.  I decided that my marriage was worth exploring alternatives (WHAAAAT Honey????)and sought opinions from friends and colleagues.  The unanimous vote for Janene at Imagine Hearing caught my attention, and I can only tell you I, and everyone else is right in recommending her and her services.  She presented me with several cost options, with the choice of a trial period, and  several periods of warranty choices,  She was calm and created “no pressure” throughout all of our interactions.  I now hear TV on a low and mutually agreed upon setting.  I don’t often ask folks to repeat themselves.  And when the surrounding environment is TOO loud, I can turn the volume down and be is blissful comfort.  If you have ANY hearing issues, do yourself the favor I did, and call Imagine Hearing.  You, your friends and loved ones, will be delighted you did.”  Horti D.

“Janene is a professional, competent and caring audiologist. She strives to provide her patients with devices and service to optimize hearing and quality of life, always keeping their individual lifestyle and budget in mind. Janene has created a private and quiet office space where those who seek her professional care will feel welcome and comfortable on their journey to improved hearing and quality of life.”  Lori R.

“Janene Bauhofer has been my audiologist for over 8 years now.  Following my most recent appointment, in the June of 2017, I felt compelled to write a review of her and her clinic, “Imagine Hearing”.

From my first appointment until now, my experience with Janene has been very positive.  She has a thorough knowledge of the newest hearing aid technology.  Not only does she explain the pros and cons of different hearing aids, she also explains, in detail, how to properly care for the hearing aids.

I’ve been to other audiologists, but none have been as caring, patient, and considerate as Janene.  When I heard she had opened up her new practice, I was ecstatic.  I booked my appointment, met with her, discussed my hearing loss and my existing hearing aid set-up.  She adjusted my aids, updated my settings, and properly cleaned them.  Her clinic is located in a restored Victorian Home in downtown Auburn and is welcoming, warm and comfortable.
I would recommend anyone to her for their audiologist needs. Sincerely, Mark W, Auburn Ca

“Janene has been my audiologist for 13 years, supplying me with hearing aids that fit my needs, and working with me through the adjustment period to fine-tune my aids for various environments.  A personable entrepreneur, she recently opened “Imagine Hearing,” keeping her overhead low to offer clients hearing aids at lower prices. As an independent dealer, she is free to offer a variety of high-technology brands without pressure by any manufacturer to push their brand. Today, I wear hearing aids that connect blue-tooth to my TV and cell phone so that i can hear words distinctly through tiny microphones inside my ear.  My husband and I now enjoy TV together with a volume level comfortable for both of us.” – Donna M.

“Janene has kept my hearing capability at its best for several years. I highly recommend her. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!” – Lois A.

“Janene was awesome! Explained everything throughout the whole app! Would definitely recommend her. And she’s super sweet!” – Stacey H.