Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss can occur due to one loud, excessive burst of sound like a jet taking off, or more commonly over a long period of time, such as regular exposure to the sound of machinery in a factory where you work for eight hours a day.

If you are exposed to loud sounds at festivals, during sporting events, at school, using equipment or enjoying leisure activities frequently or rarely, you need to wear high-quality ear protection. Hearing protection is an effective safeguard against harmful noise levels.

It may be helpful to use generic earplugs, but the preferred alternative is personalized ear protection. Disposable earplugs offer a solution for one-time scenarios, but aren’t recommended for extended or multiple uses. For ear protection shaped from your ear shape, the snug fit keeps the dangerous decibels out of place while still enabling you to hear the sounds you want to hear.

Because we understand the importance of custom ear protection, the team at Imagine Hearing Solutions carries top-of-the-line products to help you prevent hearing loss.

Musicians’ earplugs and monitors

When it comes to hearing protection, musicians have specific needs. They must preserve their ears, but they must also be able to clearly hear their own music as well as hear the music and voices of other musicians when playing. If you’re a musician the chance of hearing loss is much higher than those not exposed to loud music on a regular basis.

Musicians’ ear protection

This type of protection can reduce sound levels by about 20 dB, enough to reduce harmful sound without altering the enjoyment of the music.

For hobbyists and professional musicians who perform or are around electrical instruments, musicians’ monitors are essential. These devices function at once as both feedback monitors and earplugs. This ensures they block the noisy, unwanted noises around you while still providing a healthy level of sound from your instrument or your whole band.

Types of custom hearing protection we offer

Whatever your leisure pursuit, we have types of custom hearing protection to suit all needs:

Hunting Ear Plugs


Comes with special filters that close during sudden bursts of noise, but allow detection of softer sounds.

Music Hearing Plugs


Great for those who love to play or listen to music. Provides protection from specific frequencies.

Swim Plugs


Protects from swimmer’s ear as well as the sound of rushing water.

Sleep Plugs


Offers comfortable and uninterrupted rest. Also great for shift workers with non-traditional hours.

Motorsport Plugs


Designed with a hollow canal for under helmet use to reduce wind buffeting.

Surfer Plugs


Helps prevent surfer and swimmer’s ear caused by exposure to cold water and wind. Comes with technology that keeps cold water and air out of the ear canal, but allows for conversation and hearing while in the ear.

Occupational Plugs


Helps those who work in high-noise industrial environments.

Custom Ear Buds


Use these with any earbuds to provide great, noise-isolated sound.

DefendEar 1

DefendEar 1:

Amplification for situational awareness, as well as noise attenuation when you pull the trigger.

DefendEar 2

DefendEar 2:

Offers two modes, game, which is optimized for intermittent shots, and clay mode, which is optimized for continued shots.

DefendEar Hunter

DefendEar Hunter:

Offers standard digital features and provides protection in windy environments