Hearing loss is something that affects people from all walks of life. A person’s hearing may decline due to aging or due to a particular injury. We’re not expected to have perfect hearing for the entirety of our lives, but that doesn’t mean we should sit back and let nature get the better of us. Thanks to the way in which science and technology have played out, we’re able to use different methods of care and different devices in order to boost our hearing should anything negative become apparent. 

Hearing aids are amongst the most popular devices that are used to assist us when we need a little help with our hearing. People of all ages use them when they’re dealing with hearing loss, and they provide an awful lot of quality. 

There are questions to be asked about hearing aids due to the idea that they may bring a few negative connotations with them – namely that they can be somewhat disorienting for some users. The majority of people see no issues and gladly use them every single day, but there is a portion that may run into a little trouble with regard to their balance and perception. Due to the subjectivity, it’s difficult to find a perfect answer for everyone. Let us quickly run through important points in this article, however, and get to the bottom of a few things.

Hearing loss and balance 

Hearing loss doesn’t just deal with your ability to receive sounds, it also helps you with the way you balance yourself. If you’re lacking somewhat in the hearing department, then your equilibrium may take a bit, too. While the two aren’t in direct contact and one isn’t likely to immediately feel the effects of their balance as soon as their hearing goes, they are tied. Typically, issues with the inner ear are responsible. 

How many people wear hearing aids?

Firstly, we’re going to need to look at how many people on the planet are experiencing hearing loss. When we establish how many are in need of assistance such as hearing aids, we’re then able to understand just how many may be dealing with a disorienting feeling when they wear a hearing aid. It’s actually around five percent of the world’s population – so around 450 million people worldwide are actively experiencing hearing loss. In terms of the number of hearing aids distributed, around three million are handed out to US citizens each year. 

The process of receiving and fitting hearing aids 

In speaking to a qualified audiologist, you’d be able to get the answers you need with regard to any issues you might have surrounding hearing loss. Tests would be carried out to determine where you stand, and if necessary, a hearing aid would be recommended. Depending upon the significance of your hearing loss and how well you react to certain stimuli, you’ll receive a particular kind of device. There is a wide range of different aids that range in both quality and price, so it’s a case of getting the right fit for you. 

How hearing aids affect you

Hearing aids work by amplifying the noises that are already present. Once hearing loss kicks in, the ears cannot process noises anywhere near as well as they once could. Hearing aids can take the noise and send it through a speaker that provides a much louder and clearer sound. They can also work by using vibrations that stimulate the inner ear and act as a natural amplifier. 

The disorienting effect they might have  

Typically, hearing aids can give off a disorienting feeling if not fitted correctly, which is why it’s important to see an audiologist. Sometimes, if you don’t receive the correct settings, a few things will need reprogrammed. It’s also common to experience sound sensitivity while still adjusting to your new devices. Those wearing hearing aids for the first time will have to deal with new sounds and noises using a new device – it can be quite confusing on the brain.

Your audiologist will work closely with you to ensure you not only receive the best device for your needs, but that you get the perfect settings for your hearing loss.

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