Technology and its vast capabilities are currently making themselves known in every corner of our lives. We communicate differently, shop differently, and even protect our homes with cutting-edge tech to hand. Hearing technology, too, has seen some groundbreaking additions/enhancements thanks to tech capabilities in recent years. 

These changes stand to alter patient journeys through hearing loss for good and could even make hearing aids accessible to wider audiences. As such, any audiologist should be implementing the latest advancements. Some of the most groundbreaking recent changes that patients are guaranteed to benefit from include:

Bluetooth connectivity

Manufacturers have been toying with Bluetooth-connected hearing aids for years, but 2019 has finally seen it happen. Some would argue that it’s about time given how long Bluetooth has been evident in our headphones and other applications, but this advancement comes better late than never. 

Now, countless manufacturers are releasing Bluetooth models, many of which operate on a wireless basis. These are fantastic for allowing users to connect to phones, computers, and more for notifications they can hear without fail. Whether for personal or work use, that’s guaranteed to make a massive difference to the lives of countless patients who experience hearing loss. Such devices also allow for in-ear streaming, music all at your desired volume and settings.

Even better, models in these Bluetooth ranges tend to be discreet and even stylish, for hearing aid use that appeals to the masses, no matter their age or interests.

AI-powered adaptable aids

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to the fore in a significant way this past year. Once the reserve of strange sci-fi films about world takeovers, we’re now coming to see that AI can do a great deal to make our lives easier across the board. Companies are using it to track customer habits, and hearing aid manufacturers are using it to drastically improve patient experiences.

Powered by an app, AI-controlled hearing aids work to understand everything from usage to individual needs, and even listening environments. Such aids can then automatically adjust depending on where you are, what you’re doing, and your general hearing aid use. In an ideal world, ongoing use of aids like these means that you’ll never need to adjust your settings by hand again. Instead, your aids should be able to tell what you need before you even know you need it.

Admittedly, aids like these aren’t exactly standard fare just yet. But they offer a whole new world of hearing tech that’s sure to keep developing into 2020. 

Smartphone-controlled hearing

We do everything on our smartphones these days, so why not control our hearing aids, too? AI-powered models aren’t the only options making the most of smartphone apps right now, with most manufacturers now releasing apps to sit alongside their new releases. 

While not all apps will automatically adjust hearing aids based on smart intelligence, this capability does stand to make life a lot easier for many. Those looking to adjust hearing aid volume etc. discreetly during meetings, for example, will be able to do so on their app without any other attendees noticing. 

Some such apps even act as multi-functional health tools, meaning that wearers can track everything from their pulse to their daily steps, and more. As well as drastically helping ear health, such additions should go a long way towards improving the overall health of users.

Headphones for hearing loss

It isn’t only out hearing aids themselves that have enjoyed a makeover this past year. Headphone manufacturers, too, are finally cottoning on to the need to address hearing loss. This year has seen several top-name headphone producers including customizable hearing loss capabilities in their devices. This means wearers experiencing hearing loss will be able to tailor their headphones much as they do their hearing aids. They can focus on ambient sounds, enhance speech, and a whole lot more depending on their needs and situation.

The latest advancements with Imagine Hearing Solutions

At Imagine Hearing Solutions, we’re proud to combine old-fashioned service with cutting-edge tech to provide hearing aids and more that are guaranteed to suit your needs. To make sure that we can offer every patient the best, we keep on top with advancements just like these and make sure to implement them across the board when they become available. If you’re after hearing aids that really are on the cutting edge of the market, then don’t hesitate to call our expert team at (530) 392-4533 today.