Hearing aids have come a long way in recent years due to the advancements in technology. However, it is not just the hearing aids themselves, but the accessories that have also developed. There are now many additional items you can get to go with your hearing aids to get the most out of your hearing aids.


You can get special microphones for your hearing aids which are tiny accessories which are designed to clip onto your clothes or to stand on a table or a desk. These microphones amplify the sounds around them and then send the soundwaves straight to your hearing aid processor.

Having a microphone can be really handy if you are in a business meeting, and you need to be sure that you hear every single word. They can also be useful in social environments with high ambient noise levels as you can make adjustments to your hearing aid and some will allow you to really hone in on the sounds you want to listen to.

When people accuse you of selective hearing, it'll be true as these microphones allow you to be selective and to essentially tune in to certain sounds that you want to listen to. There are also other settings such as noise cancellation and volume level, which can be really useful and allow you to experience clear and precise conversations. Having a microphone is just add additional extra to your hearing aid and will mean that you really hear what you need to and get your hearing aids working to their full potential with the features these accessories have to offer.

Remote Controls

Remote controls are another popular accessory as they make it easy for you to change settings. Don't worry, it's not like carrying around a remote control for your TV, a hearing aid remote control is a compact accessory that simply enhances the quality of standard hearing aids. Many of the remote controls that are available on the market can connect with other devices like smartphones, TVs or stereo systems that use wireless communications to stream content to your hearing aid.

The benefits of remote controls don't stop there either as most of the remote controls include settings which allow them to manage hands-free phone calls as well as handy controls for adjustments such as volume and directional hearing. These handy devices can easily fit into pockets or even clip onto your clothing easily and just mean that you feel in full control of your hearing and hearing aids at all times. There are different brands of remote-control options available on the market, so make sure you do your research, have a look at the different options and different models to find the one that suits your needs. 

Bluetooth connections

Some of the remote controls discussed are optimized for streaming which is really handy, but there is also the option now to have Bluetooth connections that offer a more advanced experience when it comes to technology. Having a Bluetooth connection for your hearing aid is a real must-have if you enjoy streaming audio from TV, radio, computer or sound systems. Also, if you struggle to understand telephone conversations or you want to link together different devices, these Bluetooth connections are a great investment.

TV transmitters

There are hearing aid accessories which have been specifically designed specifically for entertainment purposes which is great because of one of the biggest issues for hearing aid users in understanding the audio from the TV. Thanks to modern TV transmitters this is no longer a problem as these transmitters stream audio directly from televisions to the hearing aid processors, which mean that you won't miss a thing when watching TV.

Like with the other accessories, there is a wide range of options to choose from which can be used with screens and with music systems and computers, just as effectively. Whenever an audio enhancement is required, these transmitters do the job.

As well as the technology hearing aid accessories, there are also plenty of cleaning and maintenance accessories available including dehumidifiers, cleansing sprays and wax guards.

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